Deborah and Preston–Engagements

Ah, the little flutters of nervousness.


“Will they like me?”


Smoothing your hair to be sure it is perfect so you make the right first impression.


“I wonder what they’ll be like?”


Sure, that explains the first date, but honestly, it also is how the photographers feel when they first are meeting with their clients for their first shoot.  ;)  Usually, for us, this is the engagement session.  We love this chance to meet with our clients and to get to know them in a really low-stress situation.  What could be better than spending some time with the person you love, while your photographers take care of making you look great?  We love the chance to see how couples interact and how their personalities come through at the engagement session.  This special, low-key time helps us to better prepare to meet our couples’ needs on the much higher-paced wedding day.  We better know how to meet their needs and how to capture what makes them special and unique.  It also is usually a time for us to start creating a friendship.


Preston and Deborah will be getting married at the end of April, but that put their engagement session into the cold, snowy winter season.  They’ll be having their wedding reception in the beautiful Provo Library, so it made a lot of sense to go with the library theme for their engagement session too.  We went to the Salt Lake City Library to keep warm and bring a unique sense of style and panache to their engagement session.  We even braved the cold for the last bit of the session, to capture some playful snow images.  It was so adorable to see how Preston looked at Deborah, even when the camera’s weren’t clicking.  It is clear to everyone that he simply adores her.  Having been involved in as many weddings as Crystal and I have, it is always so fun to see that smitten look.  It bodes well for their future.


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