A lot of times I think people think that my walls are just stuffed with pictures of my kids.  Being a photographer and all, I guess that is a reasonable assumption.  But lots of times I am so busy taking everyone else’s images and then when I get home, I am just so ready to be done that I put the camera down and I don’t shoot my own little precious people enough.  But sometimes, when I realize it’s been too long, I pull my stuff out and set up a little studio in the front room and shoot whoever will let me.  Sometimes it’s just the baby, Henry, because he can’t get away.   Although, if you check out the pull back below, you can see that he tried!

It is hard to tell everyone to make sure that they are capturing their memories forever, and then to feel the crushing weight of guilt as time slips by and a few weeks turns into a month and I know I need to get more images of my always growing and changing family.

But that feeling of relief as I get those images that freeze them perfectly as they are at that moment?  Worth every second.  Worth the price of my camera.  Worth my time.  Worth it all.

My heart stops a little every time I see these pr


Escape!!!  Freedom!!!!


I got one or two shots of my middle kids, as they agreed to sit for me for a second.  Hey, sometimes it only takes that one shot.



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